the door calls out to me

hello everybody my name is helsy im 17 :)

since i was about 6 ive been able to astral project etc however lately im having prophetic dreams
and also theres an astral gateway in my old house and it keeps calling out to me because its being closed with bricks (please look at the photo on the sidebar)
i keep a journal of what i discover through investigation coincidence and astral projection irl however i want to reach out to people who might know something more
this is not an ARPG im a real life person and i live in wroclaw. if youre familiar with any of the following please contact me through my email


they were aliens/angels that once came to me in a dream. theyre simultaneously black and blue (not bicolor or dark blue. theyre both at once) they claimed to come from the yet undiscovered moon of uranus called galilei. they told me i have to "eat things i dont want to eat and work hard" to achieve purity. they took children from a summer camp to purify them and then gave them back. they mutilated me because of a misunderstanding.

astral plane, dreamscape

when i astral project i often see places that have the distinct feel of the place im currently in, but look completely different. i can tell these apart from normal dreams by these features, however:
-the timeline has clear continuity, my actions in one dream fully affect what happens in the next dream, and the events seem to continue when im awake, as if i projected into a body of a person otherwise living her life, interjecting with her life
-people have faces, theyre not just vague ideas. these are faces i havent seen before. sometimes they speak languages i don't speak
-the city topography is the same everytime. its not just random "doesnt-make-sense-but-i-dont-question-it-coz-im-sleeping" kinda thing

astral gateways

just doors that seem to open inbetween dimensions :)

true names

names given by the astral creatures...i know mine but i shouldnt say it...... :)